Press Release

City Name)Gymkhana Club will be constructed with estimated cost of 100 cr.

I hereby feel immense pleasure in announcing that most awaited Gymkhana clubs is going to be constructed in pan India, with estimated cost of Rs. 100 cr\city. This club would play an important role in development of our city and will be proved as a milestone. This club will be one of its own kind with state of the art infrastructure, world class amenities and international level sports and recreational activities. It will be combination of luxury, sports and clubbing. These Membership will be offered to NRI's, elites, intellectuals, professionals top business class, senior bureaucrats and respected families. Mr. Bijendra Agarwal, Chairman of the Gymkhana club has invited all esteemed business men, intellectuals and elites of to come ahead and contribute in this development of its own kind club with legacy to be gifted and inherited so that the progeny of the families can take immense pride, to convey the greatness of their ancestors. First of all let us be clear that this membership is one time offer and will not be available in future and no other branch of Gymkhana club will be opened in ypur city. As in Delhi Gymkhana club has not any branch, people are in waiting since 50 years and ready to pay huge amount for membership confirmation. Likewise we will have only 1 Gymkhana club in the city and the memberships also will not available in future at any cost. Only 2000 membership are available and will be on selection basis by management. Now it's up to you to wait till another 50 years or more for such opportunity again.

Managing Director Rajendra Singh Rathore has expressed that according to survey report, presently two lac people in state are interested to get membership in club. We have only two thousand memberships on first come first serve basis. Membership will be offered on selection basis and rest applications will be returned. All the memberships will be considered by the Membership Selection Board and decision of selection board will be binding and final. As per Director of club Surendra Khendelwal says this club will be constructed in minimun 5 acres and will be located in the heart of city or closer to the city where one of the finest and latest clubbing services will be offered. Once the club will be formed there will be tie ups with National and Internationally but only with the same grade of this club only, and members can avail facility of membership exchange services later. Club will be constructed with all modern world class facilities like swimming, dinning, sona bath, health club, gymnasium, billiards, skating, lawn tennis, yoga, meditation, restaurants and party lawns. This club will be a combination of ultra-modern facilities and greenery, apart from this there will be 40-100 rooms or as per the requirement of city, to be used as guest house which will have studio suites, family suites & pent houses. Club services will only be facilitate to members only, At an additional cost outsider will be allowed to avail any benefits or services in club. This will be exclusive for members and their families. Special arrangements for ladies kitty parties will be arranged and also pick and drop facilities will be provided on personal request.