Gymkhana Club Services is a heritage forwarded by Britisher's to India on Independence. Gymkhana club services were started in 1866 during British Raj for recreation and privilege of that time British Rulers and the Royalties associated with them. We would like to share our Pride as Gymkhana Club Services (1866) Limitedis established to enhance the"Legacy of Gymkhana club services" which is to be inherited and gifted to new generations. We are working enthusiastically to affiliate all Gymkhana Clubs (existing & new openings) globally, to bring all under one roof and to facilitate with more memberships in Gymkhana Clubs as new generations needed with desperation to experience this luxury. Accordingly in the history of 150 years of glorious journey of Gymkhana Club Servicesin India, for the first time we are taking initiative for expansion of this legacy with authority to open 600 new Gymkhana Clubs in deserving cities of India.
Government of India has given us this authority, as we are (Gymkhana Club Services 1866 Limited) incorporated under the company Law.
According to survey across the India, club culture has become a need of our society and new generation, almost every cityhas running clubs either of any grade but Here, Gymkhana ClubServices are the world's leader with the experience of 150 years and well known for their Legacy and Hospitality around the world. The elite and intellectual class people knows the value of clubbing and eager to get Gymkhana Club's membership at any cost even they are waiting for such a long time because it's a pride to be a member in Gymkhana Club,If you are gymkhana club member that boosts your Personality, Business, Network and also facilitates services for peace of mind out of the hectic schedules. If Gymkhana Club get established with all modern facilities in your city that will become land mark for your city with city name club and make you feel proud as partner to bring this legacy to your city for deserving elites and intellectuals from new generation of the city. Clubbing is the major need today, our new generation knows the values too.
Cost to build a Gymkhana club in a middle class city would be around 50 to 60 CR. according to the details given below; we believe that collection from memberships would approx. Rs.126 CR. and that would be "non-refundable". This is the first project of its kind in the world that we do not have to invest much but we get profits during the constructions. Almost around 50 to 60 CR. possibly to be spend for establishment with all Luxury amenities and at least 5 to 6 CR. income per annum could be expected without any major investment.
The membership fees will decided mutually between both parties according to the capacity of city. Club will offer 2000 Life time memberships and according to survey of other clubs and their grades and charges comparing to the modern facilities of Gymkhana Club, at least 6 lac for life time membership is justified.
1.The population in the city should at least 5 Lac. 2.Offering partner must have clean and maintained profile in society and city. 3.Offering partner must have financial capacity to spend at least 2-6 Cr. for initial expenses in to the most profitable venture. 4.If offering partner is having experience in field of hospitality or in educational sector, could be our priority for project partner for the city.
After the Joint Venture Agreement, the formation of Limited company in the name of club will be executed by appointed Chartered Accountant and one joint account in the name of company to be opened in Bank. On other side Clubs membership registration will be announced and will take at least 2 lac per member initially with membership application form. The revenue from memberships will be deposited to bank and will only be used for club expenses, strictly not for personal reasons of any party. Land registration will be in the name of company and the cost according to market price will be reverted to local partner. The Profit margin money will be distributed 50:50 between both parties. Detailed description of partnership rules are specified in the copy of Joint Venture Agreement.
The club establishment will complete in 36 months and predecided model and architect will be provided by club authorities. Funds for construction will be recovered through membership collection on construction link plan and if required, club authorities could arrange bank loan up to 70% for construction. The club will be managed by incorporated limited company in the name of club under Company Act 1956 and in this company 6 people will appointed as director. 3 directors will be representatives of club authorities and other 3 directors will be representatives of local partner. The post of CMD will remain for the CMD of Gymkhana Club Services 1866 Ltd. and local partner will get the post of Managing Director. Club operations will be managed by local partner.
A–The population of the city should at least 5 Lac. B–5 to 10 acre land is required for establishment and that should be adjacent to city. C–Offering partner must have clean and maintained profile in society and city. D– Offering partner must have financial capacity to spend at least 2-6 Cr. initially in the most profitable venture. E – If you have an experience to run a hotel or any educational institution, could be our priority for project.
If offering partner is not having land than he can purchase a required land from open market, can involve land owner with him or can purchase from development authorities. Our company could help you for the same, if required. While choosing land for venture keep in your mind the convenience of expected club members, that land should be on road and should not very far away from the city.
The cost to open Gymkhana Club could vary between 50 – 200 Cr. according to city. Offering partner have to spend at least 2 – 6 Cr. as initial expenses (Franchisee fees and Land cost). When Joint Venture Agreement got signed the company will launch Club in the city and also will invite registrations for membership. The amount raised from registrations will very helpful in club establishment and earning profits. In case if funds required than up to 70% Bank loan can be availed for establishment.
Gymkhana Club Services is an International Brand and becoming local partner with us will definitely enhance your existing profile in the city that will built up your strong network with most elites and intellectuals of the city could always be helpful life time. Investing amount with Gymkhana Project is completely secured, even that will give you long lasting assurance of safe investment for your next generations too as maintaining their own dignity since 1866. Instant recoveries of invested amount in project is assured with registrations of life time memberships of Club.Elites and Intellectuals from the city knows about the specialities and advantages of Gymkhana Clubs will definitely feel honoured to be a member of Club.