Benefits To Partners

  • 1.This will amplify your high prestige in the society and local administration. This will benefit you by giving you opportunities to expose yourself to the elites.
  • 2.You will be benefitted time to time assuring you the refund of invested amount and even after that day; still you will be getting 50-100% share in Club always.
  • 3.Affiliation by gymkhana club services 1866 limited at national and international level.
  • 4.Branding and promotion at national level by gymkhana club services 1866 limited.
  • 5.The estimated establishment cost in the city would be approx. Rs. 50 - 200 Cr.
  • 6.Income to investors :
  • A.Property Valuation 100-300 Cr. B.Debt fee Property. C.Gymkhana Brand. D.Lifetime royalty. E.National & International affiliation. F.Membership fees in advance. G.AMC average 2 Cr per year. H.Additional income from Club Rooms, Restaurant, Banquet, Night club & Bar, Event and weddings.
  • 7. Though, you have numerous earning options, membership fees can be the biggest opportunity. Prevailing clubs have their membership fees around Rs. 10 - 50 lakh, then after people are not getting the deserved facilities. You yourself can survey and try, that will help you to get an idea about the predicaments.
  • 8. Such clubs have members around 1000 - 10000, members keeps on coming and going. 80% of members take their membership to show off their living standards and hence don’t visit clubs. We can assume if Rs. 6 lakh is membership fees and hope that indulgence of even 2000 members will result in Rs. 120 Cr. of collection (non-refundable).
  • 9. Special attention will be given to ladies special membership. Per head membership will cost Rs. 10000, we aim for 200 memberships. This will also generate profit (non-refundable). Estimated profit would be around Rs.0.20 Cr. This will also be a source of additional income on renewal of membership every year.
  • 10. We also propose Senior citizen membership, which will be specially focused, cost of membership will be Rs. 1,00,000 we aim for 100 members at least. This will again give profit that will be non-refundable. We aim around. Rs. 1 Cr. This membership will also seek renewal of membership every year.
  • 11. Local Club Yearly membership (only gazeeted officers posted) @21000 we aim for 50 members, The total Revenue will be 0.105 Cr.
  • 12. Estimated Outcome Profit from distinguished memberships. From Family membership (Approx) - 120 Cr.
  • 13. Suppose if we do not receive Rs. 120 Cr. as expectation but if at least the invested money is been recovered than that, which is “non-refundable” will give us assured profit. It’s would
  • be a win-win situation for us. If we work enthusiastically, we can get major benefits when Club will get operational. (Note: if memberships came slowly during the construction, in that case construction cost will get recovered and we can have some additional money as profit)
  • 14. Area required for establishment is about 5-10 Acres depending upon the requirement of the city.