About us

About Us


Club Council of India is established to enhance the "Legacy of Club Council of India" started in 1866 for recreation and privilege of the British Rulers and the royalty during the British Raj.

The Legacy of Club Council of India is to be inherited and gifted to new generations, with this motive we have started to affiliate all Gymkhana clubs globally under one roof to facilitate members exchange services to all precious members of Gymkhana Club from different Locations globally. GCS working enthusiastically to create a land mark in the field of club services and Hospitality with clear concept to provide the facility to club members to get experience of lifestyles & Luxuries of different locations from all over the world with their only membership taken from anywhere in the world.


History remarks the Sesquicentennials Jubilee, 150 golden years of Club Council of India holding their presence in the field of recreation and hospitality but still unexplored in terms of leveraging to potential. The number of elite people are still waiting over 50 years to be a member of Gymkhana club that shows still we are on "early phase" on the evolution curve. Affiliation with CCI exploring the big opportunity here could be promising for existing Gymkhana clubs looking for expansion and new entrants wanting to begin with first big step to establish themselves with the legacy of Club Council of India globally.


ToExisting Club Council of India, worldwide should get affiliated with Club Council of India to become Global Partner of Gymkhana Clubs.

Benefits to get affiliated with CCI
  • The club will get recognition worldwide.
  • The Existing club members will get privilege to use Club Council of India services all over the world in spite of using limited club services.
  • The Club will renowned for their specialties, to be appreciated for their facilities, unique services and class maintenance.
  • Club Council of India has a plan to open about 600 clubs indifferent deserving cities of India, accordingly we invite proposals for: Joint Venture for new/ existing Gymkhana clubs.
  • Franchisee offer with the city name for Gymkhana Club, who can maintain the dignity of Gymkhana club and also the initial requirements of Land availability Between 5 acre to 10 acre, depends on locality and requirement of city.
  • Land owner can get Turn-key consultancy from CCI for new Gymkhana club.
  • Investor's wants to open Gymkhana club in their city can approach to CCI for Turn-key consultancy and Land, could be approached to District Development Authority or other concerned Authorities for land allotment.
  • CCI is available for financial support from financial institutes for maintenance or renovation of existing clubs and also Banks will providing up to 70% of construction cost to establish new Gymkhana club.
  • Existing club can be under taken by CCIfor consultancy or to maintain/ recover their past dignity with Financial and marketing support.
  • By functioning as a Club Council of India Limited assumes an unbiased role facilitating the smooth functioning of the Gymkhana club worldwide.
  • Team up with all existing Gymkhana Clubs worldwide under one roof, for betterment and enhance Legacy of Gymkhana Clubs.
  • By helping uphold ethical standards we will provide consultancy to all existing Gymkhana Clubs for maintaining their own past & present dignity.
  • By setting up a channel for our Partners to widen the opportunities to further growth prospects.
  • To provide all support to existing Gymkhana clubs, who wants to be undertaken, Leased out, need financial support for maintenance or renovation, need of capable staff or any marketing support to increase their members pool.